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We are so excited to be pioneering this new feature that is sure to become a trend! Make your first impression before the interview!

Video Interview:

Stand out from the rest.

The video introduction is ideal for active job seekers who really want to stand out, make an impression, and get noticed.

What is it?

A professionally made video, featuring you, that you can include as a part of your LinkedIn profile.  First, we work together to create an attention-grabbing script. Next, we walk you through the home recording process. After that, you record and send us your video and we have one of our experience video editors transform it all into a unique and engaging marketing tool! The result? See for yourself! 

You got here at the right time! As this is in beta testing, be among the first 20 to sign up and receive a discounted rate!

Inquire within today to learn more about this special offer.

Sample Videos Coming Soon!

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