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Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profile Updates, Job Interview Coaching… You name it, we have you covered.  Our services go beyond the basics and include career coaching, resume distribution, thank you letters, networking business cards, and more.


Take a deep breath and know that you have found the right business to help you advance your career to the next level.  Part of what sets Advanced Career Services apart is that we take the time to understand your professional background and what jobs or positions you are targeting in order to craft the highest quality resume or interview coaching experience possible.  

Resume Writing Interview Preparation

Resume Writing

If you want to get noticed by employers, hiring managers, recruiters, or HR professionals, you need to have a striking resume that is able to pass the rigors of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) screening.  Simply listing the responsibilities of your last job won’t cut it. And there are a lot of Do’s and  Don’ts when it comes to formatting. We understand it’s hard to write about ourselves!  Fortunately we know what employers are looking for and how to work with you to develop the information your resume needs to stand out! 

What’s included?

  • Initial phone call to discuss your unique situation and career goals.
  • Time dedicated to researching your target roles and past experience to develop the right questions needed to extract relevant content for your resume.
  • An in-depth Q&A phone call to discuss your past experience, quantifiers, and content that will speak to your employer.
  • Writing and editing time which takes anywhere from 2-6 hours typically.
  • 2 revisions to ensure you are satisfied with the product
  • An Editable Microsoft Word version and a PDF version of your resume for the keeping
Typical Pricing
(0-3 years’ experience)
Mid-Career Professional
(3-8 years’ experience)
(8+ years’ Experience)
Executive and C-Suite $499+


  • Cover Letters
    While not always required, cover letters can be a great way to introduce yourself
  • Thank You Letters
    Keep yourself top of mind after your interview! Sending a proper thank you letter can often mean the difference between getting hired, or not!
  • LinkedIn Profile Updates
    If you are updating your resume, you should update your LinkedIn Profile to ensure a consistent professional presence to jobseekers. We will revamp your profile to mirror your new resume and optimize features and categories to ensure you the maximum exposure.
  • Resume Distribution
    We offer you the ability to send your resume to hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of recruiters across the US and Canada to help give your job search a big lift. We target industries, job titles, and geographic areas to spread the word that you are looking to bring your value and experience to the right organization.

Interview Coaching - What’s included?

  • Initial phone call to discuss your unique situation.
  • Time dedicated in advance of the coaching session to properly research your roles and develop the right curriculum and questions to ensure your success during the coaching session.
  • A powerful and engaging 1-hour coaching session with you via phone or video chat covering the topics you need the most help with.
  • A follow up email with the topics and questions we covered along with additional materials you will find helpful when preparing for your upcoming interview.
Single Sessions $149
Two Sessions $249
Three Sessions $349

Interview Preparation & Coaching

Job interviews are the only competitive sport where you can’t see or hear what your competitors are doing!  Don’t leave your career to chance.  Make the right investment to ensure you are giving yourself the maximum competitive advantage. 

Mock Interviews

From “what should I wear?” to “how do I end the interview?” we can help with every step of the interview process to give you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.


It's common to be nervous. The reasons why we feel nervous vary from person to person, so we offer solutions to suit your needs.

General Interview Preparation

From “what should I wear?” to “how do I end the interview?” we can help with every step of the interview process to give you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

Salary Negotiation

Don’t leave money on the table. Let’s strategize to maximize salary, benefits, bonuses, and vacation time so you earning what you’re worth.

Clarifying Your Value

What do you bring to an organization? Why should they hire you? How do you convey that to the employer? This is critical to your success. We will work together to get it right.

Phone Interviews

It’s not just a phone call, it’s your future. Let’s make sure you are prepared.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral questions help the employer understand how you will likely act in future situations based on the responses you give. Do you have your stories ready? If not, we can help.

Specific and General Interview Questions

As mentioned before, we deliver a coaching experience that is focused around your specific situation, career goals, and target jobs.

What Employers Are Looking For

What is the underlying need of the organization you are interviewing with and how can you address that? If you don’t know, that’s ok. We know how to help you understand so your answers can address those needs.

Non-Verbal Communication

It’s not just your words that get you hired. We’ll educate you on what areas of non-verbal communication you should focus on and address any concerns about your posture or mannerisms during the interview.

Overcoming Age or Inexperience

Whether you are interviewing for your first job or your last job, you can learn how to turn your age and experience (or lack thereof) into an asset.

And much more…

There is much that goes into an interview, which is why working with a certified interview coach is so important. We will assess your strengths and weaknesses to create a highly productive and informative coaching experience to maximize the dollars you are investing in your future!

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