In late 2019 Career Directors International offered a new certification opportunity. I quickly pounced, taking advantage of the promotion, knowing this was something I wanted to pursue. I wanted the challenge for 2 reasons. To push myself to learn and improve so I can offer the best product and service possible. And, to differentiate myself in an evergrowing industry of career development professionals.

The decision was unanimous. Here is an excerpt from the congratulatory email I received yesterday notifying me of my new designation:

” The certification committee unanimously passed your beautiful documents—commenting on the innovation you exhibited in writing and formatting and your solid understanding of incorporating personal branding, colors, designs, graphical elements and more, to suit a range of industries. Your feature piece disseminating your design choices for your selected document, rounded out what was a strong and competent portfolio of work. “

I look forward to continuing to learn and develop my craft. Currently, I am actively studying to become a Certified Career Strategist through the Career Professionals of Canada.

Up with growth!

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