Why Your Business Needs Corporate Outplacement Services

Laying people off is emotionally taxing for all parties involved and can put your business at risk in multiple ways, which is why you need the expertise of a corporate outplacement services provider.


What’s the risk to my business?

You may or may not be aware, but there can be a lot of risks involved when firing or laying off an employee.


Financial Risk: Claims filed against your unemployment insurance when an ex-employee files for unemployment can increase your rates, causing a long-term financial burden to your company.


Legal Risk: Parting ways with an employee can get complicated, especially considering the heightened level of human emotion that is involved. You may be faced with an ex-employee who threatens to sue your company. No secret here, but legal fees are costly.


Reputational Risk: People talk. You can guarantee that your ex-employee will communicate with other employees at your company. Also, with online-based platforms such as Glassdoor, your employee has easy access to a public forum in which they can openly express their feelings and experience about your company or how their termination was handled. If your employee is feeling slighted from their dismissal, it won’t take long for word to spread. What that employee says can significantly compromise morale, attrition, future talent pool, etc.


So, what is corporate outplacement and how can it help?

Simply put, corporate outplacement is a service that provides departing employees with the job search tools and coaching they need to get re-hired faster. This service can provide a significant benefit to your company by minimizing financial, legal, and reputational risks. Bottom line, it saves your company money and reduces risk.


Common Outplacement Services Include:

Resume writing – updating the core personal marketing tool used in a job search

Outplacement Services include resume writing, job search strategy, interview coaching, and more

Outplacement benefits the employer and the employee

Cover letter writing – often required accompaniment to the resume

LinkedIn profile analysis and updating – optimizing LinkedIn for job search and recruiter visibility

Job search strategy coaching – gameplan to maintaining focus on the job search

Career coaching – assessing the personality characteristics and best-suited role for an individual

Job loss grief counseling – emotional support to help an individual move on from the loss of their job

Job employment interview coaching – practice for interviews to accelerate chances of success

Resume distribution – targeted email blast of the resume to recruiters


When you provide outplacement services to your employees, you are showing them you care. In a time where social responsibility matters more and more, a gesture such as this can go a long way. Outplacement services truly benefit both parties involved.


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