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Did you know that Your resume and job search strategy (or lack thereof) could be costing you money? formatting, keywords, and content may be the reason you aren’t getting callbacks. For example, many of the “modern” resume formats you see online aren’t optimized for ats.

we can help fix that! Our expertly crafted personal marketing tools (resumes, cover letters, linkedin profiles), job search strategies, and interview coaching knowledge can push your job search into high gear!

LEt’s do some simple Math:

Annual Salary: $100k

Weekly Income ($100k / 52 weeks): $1,923 per week

If you aren’t working, then you are missing out on earning nearly $2,000 a week. That’s $16,000 over 2 months!

Working with Advanced MEthod Resumes & Career Services can shorten the time it takes for you to get hired.

Reducing your job search by just 1 week will more than pay for our services and will get you back to earning real income. The choice is clear. Working with us can get you an immediate and high rate of return on your investment.

How do we do it?

Years of IRREPLACEABLE experience coupled with 5 certifications in resume writing and interview coaching. We take our work seriously and want to see you succeed! You can learn more about our founder’s qualifications by clicking here.

Recent Success Stories:

S Reynolds. – Chief HR Officer “I am pleased to share that I have 5 interviews coming up, the updated resume helped enormously!”

J. Santiago – Senior IT Manager “I already have a few calls for interviews since you updated my profile last week. I will gladly recommend you to my colleagues who are looking for jobs”

C. Manuel – Data Scientist “I was contacted by a recruiter at Genentech for a job on Indeed where I posted the new resume. I believe your revision of my resume was really effective in helping recruiters discover me in job boards and hiring managers see the value of my accomplishments.

We want you to be our next success story. Contact us today to get started!


Resume Writing

Effective Resumes, Cover Letters, and other personal marketing tools to get you callbacks

LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn profiles that capture attention and increase search result rankings

Interview Coaching

What you need once you get the callbacks. Learn how to sell yourself, get hired, and earn more.

Career Coaching

Whether it’s helping you find your path, or refining your job search strategy, we’ve got you covered.



Save money, improve reputation, and reduce the risk associated with terminating an employee  


Video Introduction

We’ve developed a creative and personal way to capture the attention of recruiters with Vintro!

We have what you need to supercharge your career!

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