Advanced Career Services is dedicated to helping all job-seekers through the challenge of crafting effective resumes to the myriad of topics to prepare for an interview. 

Q: Do I need a professional resume writer? A: That all depends! How much time do you have to dedicate to writing your own resume? How well can you talk about yourself? Are your job-seeking competitors (those after the same job as you) working with a professional resume writer? Do you know how to format with ATS in mind? Do you know what keywords should be included? Sorry, this is kind of a rude way to answer the initial question, but nonetheless, these are valid concerns you should strongly consider. The reality is that professional resume writing is a growing industry which means there is a strong demand for hiring a professional resume writer, which means the likelihood that at least some of your job-seeking competitors are in fact working with professionals, which is likely to give them an advantage (depending on who they hire, of course).

Q: How do I choose a professional resume writer? A: there is a lot to consider, and this isn’t a decision you should jump into unless you feel 100% confident in the writer you are talking to. Be sure to look for someone with at least 1 professional resume writing certification and some real experience. There are a lot of fly-by-night writers who emerge from recruiting or HR to take advantage of the non-commital gig economy to earn some side money. But will they be there in a year from now? How will the address the challenges you are experiencing? What type of guarantee can they offer? Sure, the price may be alluring but, do they know what they are doing? We do!

Q: Scott, you have a lot of certifications, what do they mean? and so what? A: There are numerous certifications available. I (Scott) have earned my CERM (Certified Master Executive Resume Master), CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer), CEIC (Certified Employment Interview Consultant), and CEIP (Certified Employment Interview Professional). I am one of less than 40 people worldwide to hold two of these certifications (CEIC and CERM), and probably the one person in the world to hold this unique mix of certifications. The reason I’ve taken the time to earn all four of these certifications is to gain as much information as possible about both resume writing and interview coaching so I can provide the best, most comprehensive advice to my clients possible. Whether or not you work with me, please choose a certified professional in their respective field.

Q: What is your process? A: Please refer to https://advancedcareerservices.com/our-process/ For additional details please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Q: Is having a resume rewrite or job interview preparation an investment or an expense? A: Any time you are spending your precious resources to give yourself a better chance of success in life it is an investment. A great resume can open new doors with greater earning potential. Being able to negotiate a better salary during a job interview can have a profound impact on your long term earnings. Let’s say that even if you negotiate a modest improvement in your salary and earn an additional $300 a month ( less than $100 a week, which may not seem like a lot) that translates into $3,600 per year! Now let’s say you’ve been at it a while and you are negotiation 6-figure your 6-figure salary, well, that $1,000 more a month ( $250 per week) translates into $12,000 annually. You will be hard-pressed to find a better return for your money!

Q: Do you offer a guarantee? A: Yes, with a condition. While we have control over the quality of your resume and impact on your interview preparation, we have zero control over how you actually apply these in practice. Your job search needs to be a mix of active applying and networking. During your job interviews, you need to have prepared and need to use your discretion to give the best answers possible. That being said. Our resume writing guarantee in that you will receive callbacks within 60 days (this is an industry standard). We’ve had numerous cases where people are contacted with 1 day for an interview! Bottom line is we want you to see results with your resume update and job interview preparation. We are here for you!

Q: Do you offer refunds? A: The short answer is no. Once we engage, that’s it. You are paying for a highly-skilled, trained, and certified professional’s time, no different than that of a doctor, accountant, or lawyer. Your writer/coach is applying best practices an methods appropriate for your specific situation. Any challenges are willingly worked through until a resolution is met.

Q: Do you work in person? A: Why would you want that? All joking aside, our processes and the final outcome of your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile update, and interview coaching are not impacted by working virtually. Working virtually allows us to serve clients across a broader market. It also allows our clients to participate from anywhere they choose.

Q: Who do you work with? A: We work with most professionals in most industries, at most levels. We’re not going to sugar coat it and tell you we write for everyone. If someone tells you that, you should be concerned. We write for recent grads, early career professionals, established professionals, mid and senior level, and executives. We write for major industries including Tech, Hospitality, Finance/Banking, COnstruction, Education, Telecommunications, Energy, and Transportation. Our approach is relatively universal in that we write results-oriented resumes. We are proficient in extracting information which will be most compelling to a potential employer.

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